2024 Syllabus - Woodwinds

This section includes clarinets, flutes, recorders, oboes, bassoons and saxophones.

Provincial Qualifying

Perform two musically contrasting selections from the approved syllabi. Both selections must be at the same level and at the level at which the competitor is currently studying. If the competitor has passed an exam prior to December 31st, 2022, then they cannot enter that level. Please note, unlike the RCM and CC, all selections must be the same grade/level. The Adjudicator will take choice of material into consideration. Memorization is not required but is highly recommended.
Time limits:
Level 1 to Level 7 – Fifteen (15) minutes
Level 8 & Level 9 – Twenty (25) minutes
Level 10 – Thirty-Five (35) minutes
Adjudicator will stop the competitor after the maximum time.

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Solo - By Level

Perform a selection from the approved syllabi, playing the number of movements specified. Diploma plays two contrasting movements from the approved Diploma Syllabi. Selections need not be memorized. Time limit: 7 min

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Class5818 - Open ARCT for 2 + yearsEarlybird Live$26.00Virtual$25.00Register

Solo - Concerto

Perform one movement of a Concerto. Orchestral part will be played on a second piano.

Junior - Time limit: 20 min
Intermediate - Time limit: 20 min
Senior - Time limit: 20 min
Diploma - Time limit: 25 min
Open - Time limit: 25 min

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