Kiwanis Festival Arts Circles

Join us at Gallery Stratford on Thursdays starting July 30 to Enjoy an hour of drawing to live music courtesy of Kiwanis Festival musicians.

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Thanks to all who dropped in on Thursday July 30!
Based on our first day, we’ve made some adjustments to how Thursdays will work see below.
(weather permitting, since we’re outside)

  • Drop in anytime between 10:00am and 5pm. Circles will be available on a
    first-come, first-served basis (and will probably change throughout the
    day as we chase the shade!)
  • You’re welcome to do any type of drawing or painting you wish
  • Gallery
    Stratford is now providing small bags of assorted crayons,
    pencils, markers and drawing paper, as well as drawing donkeys and
    folding chairs. A larger basket of art
    supplies is also available by purchase or donation
  • Some
    artists need no direction to keep themselves busy but
    for those who would like some focus, we will be providing a
    model at 10:30am, 1:30pm, and 3:30pm. The model will start with
    short poses (30 sec-1min), moving on to poses of several minutes,
    finishing with one longer pose. The length of the pose will
    coincide with the piece being played, whether from a live musician or a
    recording; i.e. when that piece is over, so is that pose!
  • Volunteers to pose are welcome! (NOTE: all models must be clothed 🙂 )
  • We
    can now invite singers and wind instruments to perform, as we are
    adequately socially distanced outside. A digital piano is
    available as well as accompaniment services (as long as music is
    provided!) [Performances
    are acoustic, not amplified]
  • For those who perform, please know that this is a very relaxed (therefore forgiving) environment!
  • Participants are asked to sign in when they arrive (in case tracing is needed)
  • All
    participants will receive an ice cream coupon for JENN&Larry’s, and
    a Rocky Mountain Peak chocolate along with a store coupon
  • DONATIONS would be most welcome
An idea to help young people understand that artists deserve to be paid:
All young artists will receive two (chocolate) loonies.
One is for them to keep. The other is to use as a tip for another artist whose work they like — we will take a break after each modeling session to ask if people would like to see what others have done. Those who don’t want their work to be seen can just leave it face down; otherwise, leave it face up so it can be seen. The second loonie goes to an artist whose work you like!

This is a non-competitive opportunity to share visual and musical arts. Please send any questions to


In the wake of the pandemic which cancelled the 94th edition of KFPA




of registered 2020 participants have donated their fees so far

of 2019 patrons and donors supported the 2020 KFPA

of registered 2020 participants are interested in virtual classes

The Ontario Music Festivals Association (OMFA)

is pleased to announce the OMFA 2020 VIRTUAL MUSIC FESTIVAL.  For more information please click here (link to www.omfa.caor visit the PROVINCIAL INFO tab on our website

The 2020 Stratford Kiwanis Festival of the Performing Arts is CANCELLED

After careful consideration, the Kiwanis Festival of the Performing Arts has made the very difficult decision to cancel this year’s festival. As much as we love the opportunity the KFPA provides for young artists in our community, it is more important in these circumstances that we protect and preserve the health of the Festival’s participants, adjudicators, volunteers and staff. There is no doubt that the Covid-19 Pandemic is changing by the day, but what doesn’t change is the value we place on the health and well-being of the people we love. Because we love you, and because we love the passion we all share for the arts, we feel it’s best if we all focus on keeping the community healthy and strong so we can all get together for the KFPA in 2021.

If you have registered for the 2020 Festival, at some point in the coming days you will get an email from us about your registration fee. We will give you the opportunity to turn your registration fee into a donation to the KFPA. That donation will be tax-receiptable. As you can imagine, the financial strain on the KFPA brought about by this pandemic will be substantial and your support will help us weather this storm. Of course, if you prefer, we will also give you the option of simply taking a refund. Please watch your email for more information. As you have already seen, the Benefit Concert and Silent Auction are postponed until social isolation is lifted.

We want to thank all our supporters, donors, sponsors and Aficionados for their commitment to KFPA.

Until we are ready to unveil the 2021 festival, we want to wish you the very best. Keep practicing, keep performing, keep being the stars we know you to be. Just think how great the 2021 festival is going to be!



    • Online Registration NOW Closed



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