2023 Syllabus - Woodwinds

This section includes clarinets, flutes, recorders, oboes, bassoons and saxophones.

Provincial Qualifying

Perform two musically contrasting selections from the approved syllabi. Both selections must be at the same level and at the level at which the competitor is currently studying. If the competitor has passed an exam prior to December 31st, 2022, then they cannot enter that level. Please note, unlike the RCM and CC, all selections must be the same grade/level. The Adjudicator will take choice of material into consideration. Memorization is not required but is highly recommended.
Time limits:
Level 1 to Level 7 – Fifteen (15) minutes
Level 8 & Level 9 – Twenty (25) minutes
Level 10 – Thirty-Five (35) minutes
Adjudicator will stop the competitor after the maximum time.

ClassWW_PQ_5859 - Level 1LiveclosedVirtual$39.00Register
ClassWW_PQ_5860 - Level 2LiveclosedVirtual$39.00Register
ClassWW_PQ_5861 - Level 3LiveclosedVirtual$39.00Register
ClassWW_PQ_5862 - Level 4LiveclosedVirtual$39.00Register
ClassWW_PQ_5863 - Level 5LiveclosedVirtual$39.00Register
ClassWW_PQ_5864 - Level 6LiveclosedVirtual$39.00Register
ClassWW_PQ_5865 - Level 7LiveclosedVirtual$45.00Register
ClassWW_PQ_5866 - Level 8LiveclosedVirtual$45.00Register
ClassWW_PQ_5867 - Level 9LiveclosedVirtual$45.00Register
ClassWW_PQ_5868 - Level 10LiveclosedVirtual$49.00Register
ClassWW_PQ_5869 - DiplomaLiveclosedVirtual$49.00Register
ClassWW_PQ_5870 - OpenLiveclosedVirtual$49.00Register

Solo - By Years of Study

Perform one or two selections of your own choosing. The year of study is based on when you first started playing your instrument, not when you began individual instruction. Please select accordingly. Selections need not be memorized. Time limit: 7 min

ClassWW_5801 - 1st Year of StudyLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassWW_5802 - 2nd Year of StudyLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassWW_5803 - 3rd Year of StudyLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassWW_5804 - 4th Year of StudyLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassWW_5805 - 5th Year of Study or moreLiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register

Solo - By Level

Perform a selection from the approved syllabi, playing the number of movements specified. Diploma plays two contrasting movements from the approved Diploma Syllabi. Selections need not be memorized. Time limit: 7 min

ClassWW_5806 - IntroductoryLiveclosedVirtual$15.00Register
ClassWW_5807 - Level 1LiveclosedVirtual$15.00Register
ClassWW_5808 - Level 2LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassWW_5809 - Level 3LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassWW_5810 - Level 4LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassWW_5811 - Level 5LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassWW_5812 - Level 6LiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassWW_5813 - Level 7LiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassWW_5814 - Level 8LiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassWW_5815 - Level 9LiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassWW_5816 - Level 10LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassWW_5817 - DiplomaLiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassWW_5818 - OpenLiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register

Solo - Canadian Composer

Perform one selection by a Canadian Composer. Selections need not be memorized. Please indicate your instrument on your entry.

ClassWW_5819 - Beginner (age 10 & under)LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassWW_5820 - Elementary (ages 11-12)LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassWW_5821 - Junior (ages 13-14)LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassWW_5822 - Intermediate (ages 15-16)LiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassWW_5823 - Senior (ages 17-18)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassWW_5824 - Advanced (ages 19-29)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassWW_5825 - Later Stages (ages 30 & over)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register

Solo - Concerto

Perform one movement of a Concerto. Orchestral part will be played on a second piano.

Junior - Time limit: 20 min
Intermediate - Time limit: 20 min
Senior - Time limit: 20 min
Diploma - Time limit: 25 min
Open - Time limit: 25 min

ClassWW.concerto_5826 - JuniorLiveclosedVirtual$39.00Register
ClassWW.concerto5827 - IntermediateLiveclosedVirtual$45.00Register
ClassWW.concerto5828 - SeniorLiveclosedVirtual$49.00Register
ClassWW.concerto5829 - DiplomaLiveclosedVirtual$49.00Register
ClassWW.concerto5830 - OpenLiveclosedVirtual$49.00Register

Solo - Jazz

Perform one or two selections of your own choosing. Selections need not be memorized. Time limit:7 min

ClassWW_5831 - Beginner (age 10 & under)LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassWW_5832 - Elementary (ages 11-12)LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassWW_5833 - Junior (ages 13-14)LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassWW_5834 - Intermediate (ages 15-16)LiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassWW_5835 - Senior (ages 17-18)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassWW_5836 - Advanced (ages 19-29)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassWW_5837 - Later Stages (ages 30 & over)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register

Solo - Light Music

Perform a selection of your choice from this mainly British style of orchestral music, less solemn and usually shorter than other Western classical compositions. Composers such as Leroy Anderson, Albert Ketelbey, Roger Quilter, John Rutter.

ClassWW_5838 - Beginner (age 10 & under)LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassWW_5839 - Elementary (ages 11-12)LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassWW_5840 - Junior (ages 13-14)LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassWW_5841 - Intermediate (ages 15-16)LiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassWW_5842 - Senior (ages 17-18)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassWW_5843 - Advanced (ages 19-29)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassWW_5844 - Later Stages (ages 30 & over)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register

Solo - Popular

Perform a selection in one or more of the following genres: pop, R & B, soul, rock, alternative, indie, jazz, pop folk or country.

ClassWW_5845 - Beginner (age 10 & under)LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassWW_5846 - Elementary (ages 11-12)LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassWW_5847 - Junior (ages 13-14)LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassWW_5848 - Intermediate (ages 15-16)LiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassWW_5849 - Senior (ages 17-18)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassWW_5850 - Advanced (ages 19-29)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassWW_5851 - Later Stages (ages 30 & over)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register

Solo - Recital

Perform two contrasting selections at your current level of study. Selections need not be memorized. Please indicate your instrument on your entry.

ClassWW.recital_5852 - Beginner (age 10 & under)LiveclosedVirtual$39.00Register
ClassWW.recital_5853 - Elementary (ages 11-12)LiveclosedVirtual$39.00Register
ClassWW.recital_5854 - Junior (ages 13-14)LiveclosedVirtual$39.00Register
ClassWW.recital_5855 - Intermediate (ages 15-16)LiveclosedVirtual$45.00Register
ClassWW.recital_5856 - Senior (ages 17-18)LiveclosedVirtual$49.00Register
ClassWW.recital_5857 - Advanced (ages 19-29)LiveclosedVirtual$49.00Register
ClassWW.recital_5858 - Later Stages (ages 30 & over)LiveclosedVirtual$49.00Register