2023 Syllabus - Voice - Other

Duet - Pop Voice

Perform a selection in one or more of the following genres: pop, R & B, soul, rock, alternative, indie, jazz, movie/TV theme, pop folk or country. Choose one instrument for accompaniment; a piano will be provided.

ClassVoice_Other.duet pop_5601 - Beginner (age 10 & under)LiveclosedVirtual$22.00Register
ClassVoice_Other.duet pop_5602 - Elementary (ages 11-12)LiveclosedVirtual$22.00Register
ClassVoice_Other.duet pop_5603 - Junior (ages 13-14)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassVoice_Other.duet pop_5604 - Intermediate (ages 15-16)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassVoice_Other.duet pop_5605 - Senior (ages 17-18)LiveclosedVirtual$28.00Register
ClassVoice_Other.duet pop_5606 - Advanced (ages 19-29)LiveclosedVirtual$28.00Register
ClassVoice_Other.duet pop_5607 - Later Stages (age 30 & over)LiveclosedVirtual$28.00Register

Ensemble - Musical Theatre or Pop

Perform one or two songs in the Musical Theatre or Pop style. Choose one instrument for accompaniment; a piano will be provided.
**Note: Show Choirs may use recorded accompaniment. If you use electronic accompaniment (i.e. electric guitar) please note maximum setup time is 5 min. You must provide your own equipment**

ClassVoice_Other.ens.MT.Pop_5691 - Musical Theatre - Male or Female GroupLiveclosedVirtual$37.00Register
ClassVoice_Other.ens.MT.Pop_5692 - Musical Theatre - Mixed GroupLiveclosedVirtual$37.00Register
ClassVoice_Other.ens.MT.Pop_5693 - Pop - Male or FemaleLiveclosedVirtual$37.00Register
ClassVoice_Other.ens.MT.Pop_ - Pop - Mixed GroupLiveclosedVirtual$37.00Register
ClassVoice_Other.ens.MT.Pop_5695 - Show ChoirLiveclosedVirtual$37.00Register

Solo - Contemporary Church

Perform a contemporary (pop style) religious solo. Choose one instrument for accompaniment; a piano will be provided.

ClassVoice_Other.church_5608 - Beginner (age 10 & under) FemaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other.church_5609 - Beginner (age 10 & under) MaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other.church_5610 - Elementary (ages 11-12) FemaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other.church_5611 - Elementary (ages 11-12) MaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other.church_5612 - Junior (ages 13-14) FemaleLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other.church_5613 - Junior (ages 13-14) MaleLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other.church_5614 - Changing VoiceLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other.church_5615 - Intermediate (ages 15-16)LiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other.church_5616 - Senior (ages 17-18)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassVoice_Other.church_5617 - Advanced (ages 19-29)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassVoice_Other.church_5618 - Later Stages (age 30 & over)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register

Solo - Freestyle Rap

Please note: Freestyle Rap is not included in the 2023 OMFA Provincials so entry in this class does not allow participant to be recommended this year. Age categories have been simplified.

ClassVoice_Other_5619 - Freestyle rap: up to 9 yrs oldLiveclosedVirtual$15.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5620 - Freestyle rap: ages 10-15LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5621 - Freestyle rap: ages 16-20LiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5622 - Freestyle rap: ages 21 & upLiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register

Solo - Jazz or Blues

Perform a Jazz or Blues selection. Choose one instrument for accompaniment; a piano will be provided.

ClassVoice_Other_5623 - Beginner (age 10 & under) FemaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5624 - Beginner (age 10 & under) MaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5625 - Elementary (ages 11-12) FemaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5626 - Elementary (ages 11-12) MaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5627 - Junior (ages 13-14) FemaleLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5628 - Junior (ages 13-14) MaleLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5629 - Changing VoiceLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5630 - Intermediate (ages 15-16)LiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5631 - Senior (ages 17-18)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5632 - Advanced (ages 19-29)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5633 - Later Stages (age 30 & over)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register

Solo - Pop

Perform a selection in one or more of the following genres: pop, R & B, soul, rock, alternative, indie, jazz, pop folk or country. Selections should be covers from commercial artists in these genres. Selections from Musical Theatre (both staged and non-staged), cabaret, revues and stand-alone songs in musical theatre style are NOT allowed. Rap and Hip Hop are NOT allowed. Selections from Conservatory Canada Contemporary Idioms Voice lists and the RCM List C (Levels 1-6 ) and RCM List D (Levels 7-10) are eligible excluding musical theatre and operetta. Age-appropriate repertoire and suitable lyrics/offensive language should be taken into consideration when choosing selections. All selections must be sung from memory. If unsure of the eligibility of a selection, please email the OMFA Popular Voice screening liaison at ireneilic@sympatico.ca before entering. A microphone, amplifier, piano and sound system for backtracks (no background vocals allowed) will be provided for live entrants. Virtual entrants are allowed to use instrumental backtracks that do not include background vocals.

ClassVoice_Other_5634 - Beginner (age 10 & under) FemaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5635 - Beginner (age 10 & under) MaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5636 - Elementary (ages 11-12) FemaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5637 - Elementary (ages 11-12) MaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5638 - Junior (ages 13-14) FemaleLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5639 - Junior (ages 13-14) MaleLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5640 - Changing VoiceLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5641 - Intermediate (ages 15-16)LiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5642 - Senior (ages 17-18)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5643 - Advanced (ages 19-29)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5644 - Later Stages (age 30 & over)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register

Solo - Pop Recital

Perform two musically contrasting selections in one or more of the following genres: pop, R & B, soul, rock, alternative, indie, jazz, pop folk or country. Performers will be assessed on music selections as well as technique and interpretation. Choose one instrument for accompaniment; a piano will be provided. Time limit: 9 min

ClassVoice_Other_5645 - Beginner (age 10 & under) FemaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5646 - Beginner (age 10 & under) MaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5647 - Elementary (ages 11-12) FemaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5648 - Elementary (ages 11-12) MaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5649 - Junior (ages 13-14) FemaleLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5650 - Junior (ages 13-14) MaleLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5651 - Changing VoiceLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5652 - Intermediate (ages 15-16)LiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5653 - Senior (ages 17-18)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5654 - Advanced (ages 19-29)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_5655 - Later Stages (age 30 & over)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register

Solo - Pop With Microphone

Perform a selection in pop, R & B, soul, rock, alternative, indie, jazz, pop folk or country using a voice microphone. You will be evaluated on your microphone technique as well as your voice performance. Choose one instrument for accompaniment; a piano will be provided.

ClassVoice_Other_mic_5656 - Beginner (age 10 & under) FemaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_mic_5657 - Beginner (age 10 & under) MaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_mic_5658 - Elementary (ages 11-12) FemaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_mic_5659 - Elementary (ages 11-12) MaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_mic_5660 - Junior (ages 13-14) FemaleLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_mic_5661 - Junior (ages 13-14) MaleLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_mic_5662 - Changing VoiceLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_mic_5663 - Intermediate (ages 15-16)LiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_mic_5664 - Senior (ages 17-18)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_mic_5665 - Advanced (ages 19-29)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_mic_5666 - Later Stages (age 30 & over)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register

Solo - Self-Accompanied Pop

Perform a selection in pop, R & B, soul, rock, alternative, indie, jazz, pop folk or country accompanying yourself on piano, guitar or ukulele. A microphone will be available.

ClassVoice_Other_self-acc pop_5667 - Beginner (age 10 & under) FemaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_self-acc pop_5668 - Beginner (age 10 & under) MaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_self-acc pop_5669 - Elementary (ages 11-12) FemaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_self-acc pop_5670 - Elementary (ages 11-12) MaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_self-acc pop_5671 - Junior (ages 13-14) FemaleLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_self-acc pop_5672 - Junior (ages 13-14) MaleLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_self-acc pop_5673 - Changing VoiceLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_self-acc pop_5674 - Intermediate (ages 15-16)LiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_self-acc pop_5675 - Senior (ages 17-18)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_self-acc pop_5676 - Advanced (ages 19-29)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_self-acc pop_5677 - Later Stages (age 30 & over)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register

Solo - Songs from the Screen & More

Perform two (2) contrasting selections from the following:
• Songs from animated films and movie musicals
• Songs from revues, cabarets, movies or television
• Songs from musicals that have only been workshopped (not staged)
• Stand-alone songs in musical theatre style (eg. Girl in 14G, Taylor the Latte Boy, etc.)
• Songs written for but cut from staged musicals (eg. More to the Story from Shrek)

b) NOT permitted:
Songs listed in the RCM or CC classical syllabi (Lists A and B from Levels 1-6; Lists A, B, C from Levels 7-10).
• Songs from fully-staged musical theatre productions.
• Operetta/light opera selections (Gilbert & Sullivan, Romberg, Lehar, Johann Strauss)
• Selections that are primarily spoken patter (eg Ya Got Trouble from the Music Man, Aaron Burr, Sir from Hamilton)
• Selections from Junior show versions of musicals that have been cut or simplified.
• Vocal cuts except for repeated choruses.

For more details concerning participation in OMFA Provincials, please visit omfa.ca/syllabus/songs-from-the-screen-syllabus

ClassVoice_Other_songs from screen_5678 - Beginner (age 10 & under) FemaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_songs from screen_5679 - Beginner (age 10 & under) MaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_songs from screen_5680 - Elementary (ages 11-12) FemaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_songs from screen_5681 - Elementary (ages 11-12) MaleLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_songs from screen_5682 - Junior (ages 13-14) FemaleLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_songs from screen_5683 - Junior (ages 13-14) MaleLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_songs from screen_5684 - Changing VoiceLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_songs from screen_5685 - Intermediate (ages 15-16)LiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_songs from screen_5686 - Senior (ages 17-18)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_songs from screen_5687 - Advanced (ages 19-29)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassVoice_Other_songs from screen_5688 - Later Stages (age 30 & over)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register