2024 Syllabus - Songs from the Screen & More

Solo - Songs from the Screen & More

This category was created to provide the opportunity to perform repertoire that does not fit into other existing categories. While overlap can occur, it is strongly recommended that songs that qualify as Musical Theatre or Popular Voice be entered in those categories. A quick search on the internet will help to clarify if the song is eligible.

To minimize overlap - please refer to the song list/chart on the OMFA website and for song suggestions and as a guideline to repertoire that qualifies for this category.

Please contact the OMFA's SSAM discipline chair if you have any repertoire questions – mail@omfa.ca

Competitors must perform two (2) contrasting selections from the following with acoustic accompaniment. No recorded backtracks are allowed. It is recommended that both selections be musically contrasting and from different composers. Competitors will be judged on their choice of selections, interpretation, contrasting tempi, style, vocal quality and age appropriateness.

• Songs from animated films, anime, movies (see not permitted specific rules below) or television shows/series
• Songs that were written for, or first appeared in, a movie or screen film (Titanic)
Songs from film musicals – singers must use film version arrangement (eg. Santa Fe, Newsies; Breaking Free, High School Musical; Somewhere Over the Rainbow, The Wizard of Oz)
• Songs from musicals that have only been workshopped (not fully staged); stand-alone songs in musical theatre style (eg. Girl in 14G, Taylor the Latte Boy, Darryl is a Boy; songs from Smash television show, etc.)
• Songs written for but have been cut from staged musicals (eg. More to the Story from Shrek, Crossing a Bridge, Anastasia)
• Instrumental cuts are allowed
• Duets that can be performed as a solo,( eg. I See the Light, Tangled, Stepsister's Lament, Cinderella, Shallow, A Star is Born, A Whole New World, Aladdin)


• Songs that were originally written for live fully staged musicals and that were later made into movies, (eg. The Sound of Music, West Side Story, My Fair Lady, Hamilton, In the Heights, Dear Evan Hansen, Wicked, 13)
• Songs that have been originally released as a commercial pop song and are later included in films should be entered in the Popular Voice (eg. songs from Mamma Mia, Sing, & Juliet)
• Songs that were originally released as a commercial pop song and are later used in a jukebox musical should be entered in Popular Voice. (Moulin Rouge, Beautiful)

For more details concerning participation in OMFA Provincials, please visit omfa.ca/syllabus/songs-from-the-screen-syllabus

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