2024 Syllabus - Early Musical Instruments


Perform one selection of your own choosing on an early musical instrument such as Citole, Dulcimer, Fiddle (Vielle), Flute, Gemshorn, Gittern, Harpsichord, Hurdy-gurdy, Lute, Lyre, Mandora, Organ, Percussion, Pipe & tabor, Psaltery, Rebec, Shawm, Trumpet.

ClassEarlybird LiveVirtual
Class2601 - Preparatory / Beginner (ages 6-8)Earlybird Live$22.00Virtual$21.00
Class2602 - Primary / Elementary (ages 9-10)Earlybird Live$22.00Virtual$21.00
Class2603 - Primary / Elementary (ages 11-12)Earlybird Live$22.00Virtual$21.00
Class2604 - Junior (ages 13-14)Earlybird Live$24.00Virtual$23.00
Class2605 - Intermediate (15-16)Earlybird Live$24.00Virtual$23.00
Class2606 - Senior (ages 17-18)Earlybird Live$28.00Virtual$27.00
Class2607 - Diploma / Advanced ARCT level for max of 2 yearsEarlybird Live$28.00Virtual$27.00
Class2608 - Open ARCT for 2+ yearsEarlybird Live$32.00Virtual$31.00
Class2609 - Later Stages / Adult (29 & over)Earlybird Live$32.00Virtual$31.00