2024 Syllabus - Bands

This section is for non-professional groups.

**See Chamber/Ensembles and String categories for more classes**

Non-Professional Bands & Combos

Up to eight performers (including vocalist) may perform original or published arrangements. Play two selections. Selections need not be memorized. Time limit: 10 min

Festival will provide two microphones and a piano or keyboard. All other equipment including amplifier must be supplied by participant. Please include a list of instruments on your entry.

Class1001 - Rock BandLiveclosedVirtualclosed
Class1002 - Blues BandLiveclosedVirtualclosed
Class1003 - Folk GroupLiveclosedVirtualclosed
Class1004 - Jazz ComboLiveclosedVirtualclosed
Class1005 - Country BandLiveclosedVirtualclosed
Class1006 - Pop ComboLiveclosedVirtualclosed

School Band

Teachers should choose the level of difficulty that best suits the students in the band. Selections should be musically contrasting.

Junior - Time limit: 15 min for two (2) selections MusicFest Canada Level 100 standards
Intermediate - Time limit: 15 min for two (2) selections MusicFest Canada Level 200 or 300 standards
Senior - Time limit: 20 min for two (2) selections MusicFest Canada Level 400 or higher standards
Jazz - Time limit: 15 min for two (2) selections
Grades 4-5-6 - Time limit: 10 min for two (2) selections
Grades 7-8 - Time limit: 10 min for two (2) selections

Class1012 - Secondary School Junior Band (2 selections)LiveclosedVirtualclosed
Class1013 - Secondary School Intermediate Band (2 selections)LiveclosedVirtualclosed
Class1014 - Secondary School Senior Band (2 selections)LiveclosedVirtualclosed
Class1015 - Secondary School Jazz Band (2 or 3 selections)LiveclosedVirtualclosed
Class1016 - Elementary School Grades 4-5-6 Band (1 or 2 selections)LiveclosedVirtualclosed
Class1017 - Elementary School Grades 7-8 Band (2 selections)LiveclosedVirtualclosed

Community Bands / Orchestras

Class1007 - Community OrchestraLiveclosedVirtualclosed
Class1008 - Youth OrchestraLiveclosedVirtualclosed
Class1009 - Concert BandLiveclosedVirtualclosed
Class1010 - Jazz BandLiveclosedVirtualclosed
Class1011 - Brass BandLiveclosedVirtualclosed