Peter and Audrey Switzer Trophy Room

Voice - Pounder Plaque (replaced Trophy)

Donated By: Pounder Brothers, Stratford
Criteria: Excellent Achievement in Voice - Junior Level

The Pounder Brothers presented the Challenge Trophy for the top Male Chorus in 1933. The company was a long time financial supporter of the Festival through their annual advertisement in the Program.

Ivan Pounder's daughter, Joyce, began participating in the Festival in piano and vocal solo classes in 1935. She won top honors at the Stratford Musical Festival in 1940 for junior vocal and at the Toronto Music Festival in 1947 for soprano soloist. She continued to compete in Stratford in vocal solo and duet classes until 1946.

In 1952, the Kiwanis Club of Stratford took over the operation of the Festival from the Music Teachers' Association and, at that time, Ray Pounder was a member of the Kiwanis Club of Stratford. He was an active member of the organizing committee for several years, handling such tasks as Program Sales, Scholarships and Advertising.

This trophy was originally presented to a Male Vocalist but has been reassigned to Junior Voice.


2023Reyansh Jaswal

Eligible Classes

Voice - ClassicalProvincial Qualifying5380Level 4
Voice - ClassicalProvincial Qualifying5381Level 5
Voice - ClassicalProvincial Qualifying5382Level 6
Voice - ClassicalSolo - By Level - Female5223Level 4
Voice - ClassicalSolo - By Level - Female5224Level 5
Voice - ClassicalSolo - By Level - Female5225Level 6
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Canadian Song5251Junior (ages 13-14)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Church5263Junior (ages 13-14)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - English Song5275Junior (ages 13-14)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - French Song5287Junior (ages 13-14)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - German (Lied) Song5299Junior (ages 13-14)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Gospel or Spiritual5310Junior (ages 13-14)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Humorous Song5322Junior (ages 13-14)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Italian Song5334Junior (ages 13-14)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Light Opera or Operetta5346Junior (ages 13-14)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Oratorio5370Junior (ages 13-14)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Recital5391Junior (ages 13-14)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Recital5397Elementary School (2 contrasting songs that meet Level 1 or higher)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Spanish Song5403Junior (ages 13-14)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Traditional Folk Song5415Junior (ages 13-14)