Peter and Audrey Switzer Trophy Room

Voice - Peggy Whiteman Trophy

Donated By: Samuel Weir, Esq., Belfast, Ireland
First Presented: 1939
Criteria: Vocal Duets - Intermediate, Senior, Diploma/Advanced, open and Later Stages Levels

Peggy Whiteman from Stratford first competed in the Girls' Solo Class in 1935. From 1936 through 1946 ,she won awards in several Festivals in piano solo, piano duet and vocal solo classes. She was 11 years old when her grandfather, Samuel Weir from Belfast, Ireland, donated a trophy in her name for the Trophy Class - Junior Piano.

In 2014, the designation of this trophy was changed and was presented for the best performance in handbells or chimes for three years. It has been presented at the senior voice finals ever since.


2023Olivia Smart

Eligible Classes

Voice - ClassicalDuet5205Intermediate (ages 15-16)
Voice - ClassicalDuet5206Senior (ages 17-18)
Voice - ClassicalDuet5207Diploma (at ARCT level)
Voice - ClassicalDuet5208Open (ARCT)
Voice - ClassicalDuet5209Later Stages (ages 30 & over)
Voice - ClassicalDuet5210Sacred
Voice - ClassicalDuet5211Family