Peter and Audrey Switzer Trophy Room

Piano - Hazel Hyde Trophy

Donated By: Mrs. Peter Ostranski, A.T.C.M., Toronto
First Presented: 1948
Criteria: Best Tri - County Pianist - Senior, Diploma / Advanced, Open, Later Stages Levels

Hazel Hyde was a regular competitor in the Stratford Musical Festival from her first appearance in 1932 in the piano class (under 9) through 1944. A photo in the Beacon Herald in 1940 shows a smiling Hazel Hyde after been awarded first prize in the open piano solo class.

Hazel went on to earn her A.T.C.M. and become a teacher of piano and theory. She joined the Stratford Music Teachers' Federation, which she served as President from 1952-3. From 1947 through 1952 she served as a Festival officer on the committee assigned to 'trophies and prizes'.

Hazel was a member of the Stratford Music Teachers' Federation until she moved to Toronto in 1957 and married Peter Ostranski. In 1948, she presented the Hazel Hyde Trophy for the top female Piano Soloist, 21 years and under.

This trophy has been reassigned to Tri - County Piano classes.

Eligible Classes

Piano - Classical - SoloSenior - Tri-County4016Diploma (at ARCT level) for max of 2 years
Piano - Classical - SoloSenior - Tri-County4017Later Stages (ages 29 & over)
Piano - Classical - SoloSenior - Tri-County4018Level 10
Piano - Classical - SoloSenior - Tri-County4019Open (ARCT for 2 + years)