Peter and Audrey Switzer Trophy Room

Piano - Beare Intermediate Piano Trophy

Donated By: Beare and sons
First Presented: 1936
Criteria: Best or Most Promising Tri - County Pianist - Intermediate Level

Beare & Sons, a company located at 4 Albert Street in Toronto, placed an advertisement in the 1936 Syllabus of the Stratford Musical Festival proclaiming that it sold World Famous Musical Instruments. It was in 1936 that this company also presented the Beare Intermediate Piano Trophy to the winner of the piano trophy class for students from 14 to 16 years. This company had presented the Beare Junior Violin Trophy in 1930 but it is no longer in the Festival's collection.


2023Matthew Olsen

Eligible Classes

Piano - Classical - SoloIntermediate - Tri-County3933Level 7
Piano - Classical - SoloIntermediate - Tri-County3934Level 8
Piano - Classical - SoloIntermediate - Tri-County3935Level 9