2024 Syllabus - Strings

Duet - Classical

Perform a duet of your own choosing from classical repertoire, with any combination of strings, with or without accompaniment. Selections need not be memorized. Time limit: 15 min

Class4901 - Beginner (age 10 & under)LiveclosedVirtual$30.00Register

Old Time Fiddling

Perform one selection of your own choosing.
Ages 9 & Under play a Waltz, Jig OR Reel.
Ages 10 & Older play a Waltz (in 3/4 time), a Jig (in 6/8 time) AND a Hoedown or Reel (in 2/4 or 4/4 time)
Players may have accompaniment of any one instrument; a piano will be provided. Time limit: 4 min

Class4926 - Beginner (age 10 & under)LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
Class4933 - EnsembleLiveclosedVirtual$40.00Register

Solo - By Level

Perform a selection from the approved syllabi, playing the number of movements specified. (Concertos and Sonatas are not played here but in separate classes) Time limit: 10 min

Class4946 - Introductory Time limit: 3 minLiveclosedVirtual$15.00Register

Solo - Canadian Composer

Perform a selection by a Canadian composer of your own choosing. Time limit: 10 min

Class4965 - Beginner (age 10)LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register

Solo - Kinder (non-competitive)

Perform a selection of your own choosing.

Class4971 - Age 3LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
Class4972 - Age 4LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
Class4973 - Age 5LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
Class4974 - Age 6LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register

Solo - Pop

Perform a selection in one or more of the following genres: pop, R & B, soul, rock, alternative, indie, jazz, pop folk or country. Selection need not be memorized. Time limit: 5 min

Class4975 - BeginnerLiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register

Solo - Recital

** All strings including guitar and harp are included in this section **

Perform two or three contrasting selections (but not Sonatas or Concertos). If three pieces are chosen one selection may be one level above current level of study (Level piece must be performed at Final). Performers will be assessed on selection, program arrangement, technique and interpretation. Please include your instrument on your entry. Selections must be memorized.

Class4982 - Level IntroductoryLiveclosedVirtual$28.00Register

Unaccompanied Strings

Perform an unaccompanied selection. Performance from memory not required but recommended. For Diploma & Open play two movements.

Class5001 - Level IntroductoryLiveclosedVirtual$15.00Register