2024 Syllabus - Strings

Non-Western Strings

Perform one selection on any non-western stringed instrument (i.e. erhu, guzheng, ruan, etc) Performance must be from memory. Note that if recommended for Provincials, participants will need to perform two (2) musically contrasting selections.

ClassEarlybird LiveVirtual
Class4925 - Later Stages / Adult (29 & over)Earlybird Live$26.00Virtual$25.00Register

Old Time Fiddling

Perform one selection of your own choosing.
Ages 9 & Under play a Waltz, Jig OR Reel.
Ages 10 & Older play a Waltz (in 3/4 time), a Jig (in 6/8 time) AND a Hoedown or Reel (in 2/4 or 4/4 time)
Players may have accompaniment of any one instrument; a piano will be provided. Time limit: 4 min

ClassEarlybird LiveVirtual
Class4932 - Later Stages (ages 29 & over)Earlybird Live$31.00Virtual$30.00Register
Class4933 - EnsembleEarlybird Live$41.00Virtual$40.00Register

Solo - Pop

Perform a selection in one or more of the following genres: pop, R & B, soul, rock, alternative, indie, jazz, pop folk or country. Selection need not be memorized. Time limit: 5 min

ClassEarlybird LiveVirtual
Class4981 - Later Stages (ages 29 & over)Earlybird Live$43.00Virtual$42.00Register