2023 Syllabus - Strings

Duet - Classical

Perform a duet of your own choosing from classical repertoire, with any combination of strings, with or without accompaniment. Selections need not be memorized. Time limit: 15 min

ClassStrings.duet_4901 - Beginner (age 10 & under)LiveclosedVirtual$30.00Register
ClassStrings.duet_4902 - Elementary (age 11-12)LiveclosedVirtual$30.00Register
ClassStrings.duet_4903 - Junior (ages 13-14)LiveclosedVirtual$30.00Register
ClassStrings.duet_4904 - Intermediate (ages 15-16)LiveclosedVirtual$30.00Register
ClassStrings.duet_4905 - Senior (ages 17-18)LiveclosedVirtual$30.00Register

Duet - Pop

Perform a duet of your own choosing with any combination of strings, with or without accompaniment, in one or more of the following genres: pop, R & B, soul, rock, alternative, indie, jazz, pop folk or country. Time limit: 15 min

ClassStrings.duet.pop_4906 - JuniorLiveclosedVirtual$30.00Register
ClassStrings.duet.pop_4907 - SeniorLiveclosedVirtual$30.00Register

List A/String Concerto By Level

Perform the first or third movement of a Concerto with your choice of accompaniment. The soloist is assessed, not the accompanist. Your selection must be memorized.

ClassStrings_4908 - Introductory to Level 5 (concerto or concertino junior)LiveclosedVirtual$26.00Register
ClassStrings_4909 - Level 6LiveclosedVirtual$26.00Register
ClassStrings_4910 - Level 7LiveclosedVirtual$26.00Register
ClassStrings_4911 - Level 8LiveclosedVirtual$31.00Register
ClassStrings_4912 - Level 9LiveclosedVirtual$31.00Register
ClassStrings_4913 - Level 10LiveclosedVirtual$31.00Register

List B/String Sonata By Level

Perform a Sonata from the approved syllabi, playing the number of movements specified. Sonatas need not be memorized. Time limit: Junior/Intermediate - 10 min, Senior - 20 min

ClassStrings_4914 - Introductory to Level 5 (sonata or sonatina)LiveclosedVirtual$26.00Register
ClassStrings_4915 - Level 6LiveclosedVirtual$26.00Register
ClassStrings_4916 - Level 7LiveclosedVirtual$26.00Register
ClassStrings_4917 - Level 8LiveclosedVirtual$31.00Register
ClassStrings_4918 - Level 9LiveclosedVirtual$31.00Register
ClassStrings_4919 - Level 10LiveclosedVirtual$31.00Register
ClassStrings_4920 - Diploma or OpenLiveclosedVirtual$31.00Register

Non-Western Strings

Perform one selection on any non-western stringed instrument (i.e. erhu, guzheng, ruan, etc) Performance must be from memory. Note that if recommended for Provincials, participants will need to perform two (2) musically contrasting selections.

ClassStrings_4921 - JuniorLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassStrings_4922 - IntermediateLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassStrings_4923 - SeniorLiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassStrings_4924 - OpenLiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassStrings_4925 - Later StagesLiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register

Old Time Fiddling

Perform one selection of your own choosing.
Ages 9 & Under play a Waltz, Jig OR Reel.
Ages 10 & Older play a Waltz (in 3/4 time), a Jig (in 6/8 time) AND a Hoedown or Reel (in 2/4 or 4/4 time)
Players may have accompaniment of any one instrument; a piano will be provided. Time limit: 4 min

ClassFiddle_4926 - Beginner (age 10 & under)LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassFiddle_4927 - Elementary (age 11-12)LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassFiddle_4928 - Junior (ages 13-14)LiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassFiddle_4929 - Intermediate (ages 15-16)LiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassFiddle_4930 - Senior (ages 17-18)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassFiddle_4931 - Advanced (ages 19-29)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassFiddle_4932 - Later Stages (ages 30 & over)LiveclosedVirtual$30.00Register
ClassFiddle_4933 - Ensemble - OpenLiveclosedVirtual$40.00Register


Perform your own selection with three or more stringed instruments, with or without piano accompaniment.

ClassStrings.orch_5010 - Junior - ages 12 & underLiveclosedVirtual$31.00Register
ClassStrings.orch_5011 - Intermediate - ages 15 & underLiveclosedVirtual$41.00Register
ClassStrings.orch_5012 - Senior - ages 18 & underLiveclosedVirtual$41.00Register
ClassStrings.orch_5013 - OpenLiveclosedVirtual$51.00Register

Provincial Qualifying

Perform two (2) musically contrasting selections from the current approved syllabi. Both must be at the same level and at the current level of study. Competitors may count one or more movements of a multi-movement work as one selection only. Studies/Etudes, as listed in the CC or RCM syllabi, will be permitted; however, only 1 of the pieces performed may be a Study/Etude. For further details concerning provincial requirements please visit omfa.ca/syllabus/classical_strings

ClassStrings_Prov Q_4934 - Level 1LiveclosedVirtual$39.00Register
ClassStrings_Prov Q_4935 - Level 2LiveclosedVirtual$39.00Register
ClassStrings_Prov Q_4936 - Level 3LiveclosedVirtual$39.00Register
ClassStrings_Prov Q_4937 - Level 4LiveclosedVirtual$39.00Register
ClassStrings_Prov Q_4938 - Level 5LiveclosedVirtual$39.00Register
ClassStrings_Prov Q_4939 - Level 6LiveclosedVirtual$39.00Register
ClassStrings_Prov Q_4940 - Level 7LiveclosedVirtual$45.00Register
ClassStrings_Prov Q_4941 - Level 8LiveclosedVirtual$45.00Register
ClassStrings_Prov Q_4942 - Level 9LiveclosedVirtual$45.00Register
ClassStrings_Prov Q_4943 - Level 10LiveclosedVirtual$49.00Register
ClassStrings_Prov Q_4944 - Level DiplomaLiveclosedVirtual$49.00Register
ClassStrings_Prov Q_4945 - Level OpenLiveclosedVirtual$49.00Register

Solo - By Level

Perform a selection from the approved syllabi, playing the number of movements specified. (Concertos and Sonatas are not played here but in separate classes) Time limit: 10 min

ClassStrings_4946 - Introductory Time limit: 3 minLiveclosedVirtual$15.00Register
ClassStrings_4947 - Level 1 Time limit: 3 minLiveclosedVirtual$15.00Register
ClassStrings_4948 - Level 2 Time limit: 3 minLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassStrings_4949 - Level 3 Time limit: 5 minLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassStrings_4950 - Level 4 Time limit: 5 minLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassStrings_4951 - Level 5 Time limit: 7 minLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassStrings_4952 - Level 6 Time limit: 7 minLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassStrings_4953 - Level 7 Time limit: 10 minLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassStrings_4954 - Level 8 Time limit: 10 minLiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassStrings_4955 - Level 9 Time limit: 10 minLiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassStrings_4956 - Level 10 Time limit: 10 minLiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassStrings_4957 - Level DiplomaLiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassStrings_4958 - Level OpenLiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register

Solo - By Years of Study

ClassStrings_4959 - 1st Year of StudyLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassStrings_4960 - 2nd Year of StudyLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassStrings_4961 - 3rd Year of StudyLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassStrings_4962 - 4th Year of StudyLiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassStrings_4963 - 5 or More Years of StudyLiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassStrings_4964 - Later StagesLiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register

Solo - Canadian Composer

Perform a selection by a Canadian composer of your own choosing. Time limit: 10 min

ClassStrings_4965 - Beginner (age 10)LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassStrings_4966 - Elementary (age 15)LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassStrings_4967 - Junior (ages 13-14)LiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassStrings_4968 - Intermediate (ages 15-16)LiveclosedVirtual$23.00Register
ClassStrings_4969 - Senior (ages 17-18)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassStrings_4970 - OpenLiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register

Solo - Kinder (non-competitive)

Perform a selection of your own choosing.

ClassStrings_4971 - Age 3LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassStrings_4972 - Age 4LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassStrings_4973 - Age 5LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassStrings_4974 - Age 6LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register

Solo - Pop

Perform a selection in one or more of the following genres: pop, R & B, soul, rock, alternative, indie, jazz, pop folk or country. Selection need not be memorized. Time limit: 5 min

ClassStrings.solo.pop_4975 - Beginner (age 10 & under)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassStrings.solo.pop_4976 - Elementary (ages 11-12)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassStrings.solo.pop_4977 - Junior (ages 13-14)LiveclosedVirtual$25.00Register
ClassStrings.solo.pop_4978 - Intermediate (ages 15-16)LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassStrings.solo.pop_4979 - Senior (ages 17-18)LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassStrings.solo.pop_4980 - Advanced (ages 19-29)LiveclosedVirtual$42.00Register
ClassStrings.solo.pop_4981 - Later Stages (ages 30 & over)LiveclosedVirtual$42.00Register

Solo - Recital

** All strings including guitar and harp are included in this section **

Perform two or three contrasting selections (but not Sonatas or Concertos). If three pieces are chosen one selection may be one level above current level of study (Level piece must be performed at Final). Performers will be assessed on selection, program arrangement, technique and interpretation. Please include your instrument on your entry. Selections must be memorized.

ClassStrings_4982 - Level IntroductoryLiveclosedVirtual$28.00Register
ClassStrings_4983 - Level 1LiveclosedVirtual$28.00Register
ClassStrings_4984 - Level 2LiveclosedVirtual$31.00Register
ClassStrings_4985 - Level 3LiveclosedVirtual$31.00Register
ClassStrings_4986 - Level 4LiveclosedVirtual$37.00Register
ClassStrings_4987 - Level 5LiveclosedVirtual$37.00Register
ClassStrings_4988 - Level 6LiveclosedVirtual$37.00Register
ClassStrings_4989 - Level 7LiveclosedVirtual$41.00Register
ClassStrings_4990 - Level 8LiveclosedVirtual$41.00Register
ClassStrings_4991 - Level 9LiveclosedVirtual$46.00Register
ClassStrings_4992 - Level 10LiveclosedVirtual$46.00Register

Solo - Suzuki

Perform a selection from the Suzuki books. (Concertos and Sonatas are not played yere but in separate classes).

ClassStrings.Suz_4993 - String Book 1A - Beginning of book through Perpetual MotionLiveclosedVirtual$15.00Register
ClassStrings.Suz_4994 - String Book 1B - Etude through to the end of the bookLiveclosedVirtual$15.00Register
ClassStrings.Suz_4995 - String Book 2A - Beginning of Book 2 through BourreeLiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassStrings.Suz_4996 - String Book 2B - Two Grenadiers through to end of Book 2LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassStrings.Suz_4997 - String Book 3LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassStrings.Suz_4998 - String Book 4LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassStrings.Suz_4999 - String Book 5LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register
ClassStrings.Suz_5000 - String Book 6LiveclosedVirtual$20.00Register

Unaccompanied Strings

Perform an unaccompanied selection. Performance from memory not required but recommended. For Diploma & Open play two movements.

ClassStrings.unaccomp_5001 - Level IntroductoryLiveclosedVirtual$15.00Register
ClassStrings.unaccomp_5002 - Levels 1LiveclosedVirtual$21.00Register
ClassStrings.unaccomp_5003 - Levels 3LiveclosedVirtual$21.00Register
ClassStrings.unaccomp_5004 - Levels 5LiveclosedVirtual$21.00Register
ClassStrings.unaccomp_5005 - Levels 7LiveclosedVirtual$26.00Register
ClassStrings.unaccomp_5006 - Levels 9LiveclosedVirtual$26.00Register
ClassStrings.unaccomp_5007 - Diploma or OpenLiveclosedVirtual$26.00Register