2024 Syllabus - Speech Arts & Drama


Using masks, perform a scene from original or published material.

Class:4601 - Elementary GroupLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4602 - SoloLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4603 - Secondary GroupLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4604 - Group - AnyLive:closedVirtual:closed

Drama - Classical

Perform a Monologue of your own choosing from memory. Time limit: 5 min

Class:4606 - Greek or Roman MonologueLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4607 - Classical Theatre (16th-19th C) MonologueLive:closedVirtual:closed

Drama - Concert Performance

Perform one Monologue from a published play or anthology of Monologues, one Narrative Poem, and one selection of Prose or Lyric Poetry (or one of each, if time permits). Please read the instructions for Narrative and Lyric Poetry carefully before selecting and preparing your poems. Time limit: 20 min

Class:4608 - Beginner (ages 6-8)Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4609 - Primary (ages 9-10)Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4610 - Elementary (ages 11-12)Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4611 - Junior (ages 13-14)Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4612 - Intermediate (ages 15-16)Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4613 - Senior (ages 17-18)Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4614 - Open (ages 19-28)Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4615 - Later Stages (ages 29 & over)Live:closedVirtual:closed

Drama - Group Scene

Perform a scene from a play from memory. Time limit: 10 min

Class:4616 - Primary - ElementaryLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4617 - JuniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4618 - IntermediateLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4619 - SeniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4620 - Small Group (2-6 performers of all ages)Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4621 - Large Group (7 performers of all ages)Live:closedVirtual:closed

Drama - Shakespearean

Perform a Scene or Speech of your own choosing from memory. Time limit: 15 min

Class:4622 - Monologue Beginner (ages 6-8)Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4623 - Monologue Primary - ElementaryLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4625 - Monologue JuniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4626 - Monologue IntermediateLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4627 - Monologue SeniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4628 - Monologue Open / Advanced ARCT for 2 + yearsLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4629 - Scene - Group Primary - ElementaryLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4630 - Scene - Group SeniorLive:closedVirtual:closed

Improv - 3 Word Improv

Working in groups of two or three performers, each group will pick three words at random out of a hat and meet for two minutes to develop a scene that uses those three words.

Class:4632 - SoloLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4633 - Primary Grades 1-3Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4634 - Junior Grades 4-6Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4635 - Intermediate Grades 7 & 8Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4636 - Senior Grades 9 & upLive:closedVirtual:closed

Improv - TV Channels

Imagine the adjudicator is watching different TV channels, switching back and forth. For solo classes, the performer portrays different characters, changing roles each time the adjudicator announces a new "tv program" such as Weather Report, Dance Competition or Toothpaste Commercial. For group classes, any number of performers can participate in each channel by tagging or adding in performers. Time limit: 7 min

Class:4637 - SoloLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4638 - Beginner / ElementaryLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4639 - JuniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4640 - IntermediateLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4641 - SeniorLive:closedVirtual:closed

Improv Solo - The Expert

Performer acts as an "expert" in his/her field. The "expert" delivers a two-minute monologue on a topic drawn from a hat. If they say 'uh' or 'um' the adjudicator honks a horn; if they rack up three 'ums' or 'uhs' they are stopped. Time limit: 5 min

Class:4645 - JuniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4647 - SeniorLive:closedVirtual:closed

Improv Duo - First Line

Each pair is given two minutes to develop a scene based on the first line to be spoken, which the adjudicator will assign. Examples of first lines are "Haven't we met somewhere?" or "Is this seat taken?" Improvised stories should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Time limit: 5 min

Class:4648 - Grades 1 - 3Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4649 - Grades 4 - 6Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4850 - Grades 7 & 8Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4851 - Grades 9 & upLive:closedVirtual:closed

Improv Duo - Tagline

Each pair is given two minutes to develop a scene based on the last line to be spoken, which the adjudicator will assign. Examples of last lines are "I told you we wouldn't make it out of here" or "That's what you get for being unprepared". Improvised stories should have a beginning, a middle and an end. Time limit: 5 min

Class:4652 - Grades 1 - 3Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4653 - Grades 4 - 6Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4654 - Grades 7 & 8Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4655 - Grades 9 & upLive:closedVirtual:closed

Improv Group - Four Square

Four performers stand in a square formation and create four different scenes based on suggestions given to each pair as they move around the square. The adjudicator will direct action forwards and backwards.

Class:4658 - Grades 1 - 3Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4659 - Grades 4 - 6Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4660 - Grades 7 & 8Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4661 - Grades 9 & upLive:closedVirtual:closed

Improv Group - Building a Scene (3+ players)

Two groups stand in a line or facing one another, depending on the size of the group. They begin telling a story one word at a time. The adjudicator can call out: "One word at a time!" or "Full Sentences!" or "Stop mid-word!" or "Make it Physical!" or "Sing the sentence in Opera!" The group must obey the request and try to keep the story unfolding. The group must listen and work together to find an ending. When the group feels organically that they have concluded the story with a strong ending, they stop and someone says "The End". Time limit: 7 min

Class:4662 - GroupLive:closedVirtual:closed

Improv with Props

The adjudicator gives an object (i.e. egg beater, remote control, bar of soap) to each solo performer or group. Competitors improvise a scene based on the object they receive. Preparation time: 2 min Performance limit: 5 min

Class:4666 - SoloLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4667 - Beginner / ElementaryLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4668 - JuniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4669 - IntermediateLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4670 - SeniorLive:closedVirtual:closed

Lyric Poetry

Perform one selection of your own choosing from memory. A Lyric Poem is contemplative. It is an expression of the inner thoughts or feelings of the speaker in the poem. Lyric Poetry is not dramatized, therefore, costumes and props are not appropriate.

Class:4673 - BeginnerLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4674 - Primary - ElementaryLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4676 - JuniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4677 - IntermediateLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4678 - SeniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4679 - OpenLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4680 - Later Stages (ages 29 & over)Live:closedVirtual:closed


Using masks, perform a scene from original or published material. Provide the text used for the adjudicator. In addition to masks, props and costumes may be used; however, setup time should not exceed 2 min Time limit: 7 min

Class:4681 - SoloLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4683 - Elementary GroupLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4684 - Secondary GroupLive:closedVirtual:closed

Memorized prose

Perform a memorized prose selection (fiction, non-fiction or sacred text) from a published source. Standing or seated in a relaxed but controlled position, the soloist delivers the selection making eye contact with the audience. He/she may use gestures for emphasis and, if the prose contains dialogue, should make a vocal distinction between the speakers in the dialogue and the voice of the narrator.

Class:4687 - BeginnerLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4688 - Primary - ElementaryLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4690 - JuniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4691 - IntermediateLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4692 - SeniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4693 - OpenLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4694 - Later Stages (ages 29 & over)Live:closedVirtual:closed


Perform mime in silence or accompanied by an audio track or live music. You may use props and costumes; however, setup time is 3 min Time limit: 7 min

Class:4695 - SoloLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4697 - Elementary GroupLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4696 - Group - AnyLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4698 - Secondary GroupLive:closedVirtual:closed

Monologue - other than Shakespeare

Perform a Monologue of your own choosing from memory. There are three types of dramatic Monologues: Monologues that address an audience directly; Soliloquies spoken as if the character is alone (revealing inner thoughts); and Speeches directed at another character. If you perform a Speech, you may have another person on stage with you; however, your performance will be the only one evaluated. Time limit: 5 min

Class:4701 - BeginnerLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4702 - PrimaryLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4703 - ElementaryLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4704 - JuniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4705 - IntermediateLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4706 - SeniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4707 - OpenLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4708 - LaterStages (ages 29 & over)Live:closedVirtual:closed

Narrative Poetry

Perform one selection of your own choosing from memory. Narrative Poetry tells a story. It is delivered directly to an audience as if the speaker is sharing the story. Gestures are allowed for emphasis but the poem is not dramatized.

Class:4709 - BeginnerLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4710 - Primary - ElementaryLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4712 - JuniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4713 - IntermediateLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4714 - SeniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4715 - OpenLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4716 - Later Stages (ages 29 & over)Live:closedVirtual:closed

Original Scene

Write and perform an original scene with any number of characters. Props and costumes are allowed; however, setup time should not exceed 3 min. Time limit: 12 min

Class:4717 - Open - any # of charactersLive:closedVirtual:closed

Original Verse

Perform a selection of your own creation. Please submit a copy of your work with your entry.

Class:4718 - BeginnerLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4719 - Primary - ElementaryLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4721 - JuniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4722 - IntermediateLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4723 - SeniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4724 - OpenLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4725 - Later Stages (ages 29 & over)Live:closedVirtual:closed

Public Speaking

While you may collect information from any reliable source, you must deliver your speech in your own words. In the live class, give your written speech to the adjudicator before you perform. In the virtual class, include a copy of your text in your entry. You may hold and refer to point-form notes as you deliver your speech (from a standing position) or use cue cards.

Class:4726 - BeginnerLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4727 - Primary - ElementaryLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4729 - JuniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4730 - IntermediateLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4731 - SeniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4732 - OpenLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4733 - Later Stages (ages 29 & over)Live:closedVirtual:closed

Readers' Theatre

English- or French-speaking groups perform a scene of their own choosing without sets, props and costumes. Participants can stand or be seated. Readers can have copies of the script in hand but memorization is recommended. A narrator may introduce the scene. Other characters may have their backs to the audience until they turn forward to enter the scene. (Entrances and exits may also be conveyed by standing and sitting or by freezing in position, then becoming animated.) Time limit: 15 min

Class:4734 - Primary / ElementaryLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4735 - JuniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4736 - IntermediateLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4737 - SeniorLive:closedVirtual:closed

Sketch Comedy - Solo

Perform a comedy skit or sketch. You may use original or published works but must make materials available for the adjudicator. Props and costumes are allowed; however setup time should not exceed 2 min Time limit: 7 min

Class:4738 - SoloLive:closedVirtual:closed

Sketch Comedy - Group

Perform a comedy skit or sketch. You may use original or published works but must make materials available for the adjudicator. Props and costumes are allowed; however setup time should not exceed 2 min Time limit: 7 min

Class:4739 - Grades 1-3Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4740 - Grades 4-6Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4741 - Grades 7&8Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4742 - Grades 9 & upLive:closedVirtual:closed

Spoken Word

Perform a selection of your own choosing, original or your own creation. Spoken Word is an oral art that focuses on the aesthetics of word play, intonation and voice inflection. This category includes poetry in the style of hip-hop, rap, or slam. Please include a copy of the work with your entry. Time limit: 7 min

Class:4754 - BeginnerLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4755 - Primary - ElementaryLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4756 - Elementary GroupLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4757 - JuniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4758 - IntermediateLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4759a - SeniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4760 - OpenLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4759b - Secondary GroupLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4761 - Later Stages (ages 29 & over)Live:closedVirtual:closed

Stand Up Comedy

Budding comedians perform stand-up comedy routines or sketches. Props and costumes are allowed; setup should be limited to 2 min Time limit: 6 min

Class:4762 - Monologue 14 & underLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4763 - Monologue ages 15 - 18Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4764 - Group (2-6 performers) Time guide: 4-6 minLive:closedVirtual:closed


Select a folk tale or fairy tale that you would like to tell and decide who your audience will be -- children, teenagers or adults. Edit the story for length then retell the story in your own words from a standing or sitting position. Provide your text along with the original story for the adjudicator. Time limit: 8 min

Class:4765 - BeginnerLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4766 - PrimaryLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4767 - ElementaryLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4768 - JuniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4769 - IntermediateLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4770 - SeniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4771 - OpenLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4772 - Later Stages (ages 29 & over)Live:closedVirtual:closed


Perform one selection from memory.

Class:4773 - BeginnerLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4774 - Primary - ElementaryLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4776 - JuniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4777 - IntermediateLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4778 - SeniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4779 - OpenLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4780 - Later Stages (ages 29 & over)Live:closedVirtual:closed

Provincial Qualifying

Competitors must perform three (3) selections. Selections should show a contrast in mood (i.e. serious, comical, reflective)
Selections can come from, but are not limited to, the following categories: Drama (a scene depicting one character from a published play or published anthology of individual monologues), Prose, Lyric Poetry, Mime or Public Speaking. Performances must be from memory. Time limits range from 20 min (ages 12 & under) to 25 (ages 13-16) to 30 min (Senior & up). Simple costumes and portable props are permitted. If the selection is in a language other than English, a translation must be provided to the Adjudicator. Adjudicator will stop the performance after the maximum time.

Class:4781 - BeginnerLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4782 - Primary - ElementaryLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4784 - JuniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4785 - IntermediateLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4786 - SeniorLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4787 - OpenLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:4788 - Later Stages (ages 29 & over)Live:closedVirtual:closed