2023 Syllabus - Composition

Although there is a performance element to these classes, they are intended to gauge participants' ability to share what they create; i.e. musical notation or the ability to write down their works. Accordingly, participants are asked to provide written music as well as a digital file of their composition by Mon., March 27, 2023. Participants will also be asked to perform their music live at the Festival.

Entry fees include a workshop with the Adjudicator. This will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time for participants and Adjudicator.


This class is for original compositions in any musical genre. You may use as many sequenced parts as you wish. Time limits: 5 min for ages 9 & under, 7 min for all others. An additional 5 min is permitted for setup.

ClassComposition_1801 - JuniorLiveclosedVirtual$30.00Register
ClassComposition_1802 - IntermediateLiveclosedVirtual$36.00Register
ClassComposition_1803 - SeniorLiveclosedVirtual$45.00Register
ClassComposition_1804 - OpenLiveclosedVirtual$45.00Register


This class is for original compositions written for Brass, Woodwinds or Percussion instruments. Time limit: 10 min

ClassComposition_1805 - JuniorLiveclosedVirtual$30.00Register
ClassComposition_1806 - IntermediateLiveclosedVirtual$36.00Register
ClassComposition_1807 - SeniorLiveclosedVirtual$45.00Register
ClassComposition_1808 - OpenLiveclosedVirtual$45.00Register


This class is intended for original composition in any style for piano. You may include other instruments or voice in addition to piano but piano is the feature instrument, not simply accompaniment. Time limit: 10 min

ClassComposition_1809 - JuniorLiveclosedVirtual$30.00Register
ClassComposition_1810 - IntermediateLiveclosedVirtual$36.00Register
ClassComposition_1811 - SeniorLiveclosedVirtual$45.00Register
ClassComposition_1812 - OpenLiveclosedVirtual$45.00Register


Compose a song in any style, with or without accompaniment. Time limit: 10 min

For Junior - provide a copy of the lyrics for your composition along with a recording.
For Senior - provide a lead sheet showing the chords and lyrics of your composition along with a recording.
For Open - provide complete notated music and a recording.

ClassComposition_1813 - JuniorLiveclosedVirtual$30.00Register
ClassComposition_1814 - IntermediateLiveclosedVirtual$36.00Register
ClassComposition_1815 - SeniorLiveclosedVirtual$45.00Register
ClassComposition_1816 - OpenLiveclosedVirtual$45.00Register


This class is intended for original composition, instrumental or string/vocal, for any string instrument including Guitar and Harp. Time limit: 10 min

ClassComposition_1817 - JuniorLiveclosedVirtual$30.00Register
ClassComposition_1818 - IntermediateLiveclosedVirtual$36.00Register
ClassComposition_1819 - SeniorLiveclosedVirtual$45.00Register
ClassComposition_1820 - OpenLiveclosedVirtual$45.00Register


This class is intended for original composition in classical style for one or more voice parts. Time limit: 10 min

ClassComposition_1821 - JuniorLiveclosedVirtual$30.00Register
ClassComposition_1822 - IntermediateLiveclosedVirtual$36.00Register
ClassComposition_1823 - SeniorLiveclosedVirtual$45.00Register
ClassComposition_1824 - OpenLiveclosedVirtual$45.00Register