Peter and Audrey Switzer Trophy Room

Voice - Small Family Memorial Scholarship Trophy

Donated By: The Small Family
First Presented: 2002
Criteria: Best Opera or Oratorio

The family of the late Lorne C. Small, for whom a memorial trophy has been presented annually since 1943 for excellence in the string competition, recently established the Small Family Memorial Scholarship to be awarded to the most promising student in voice.

The family members include Kathleen (Small) Anderson of Stratford, Mary Louise (Small) Reynierse of Jacksonville, Florida, Robert Small of Rockford, Ill., and the late Lorne C. Small. The family established the scholarship and trophy to acknowledge the enjoyment they received as participants in the music festival.


2023Anna Drowsky

Eligible Classes

Voice - ClassicalSolo - Grand Opera5422Grand Opera Voice Open
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Oratorio5366Beginner (age 10 & under)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Oratorio5368Elementary (ages 11-12)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Oratorio5370Junior (ages 13-14)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Oratorio5372Changing Voice
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Oratorio5373Intermediate (ages 15-16)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Oratorio5374Senior (ages 17-18)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Oratorio5375Diploma (at ARCT level)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Oratorio5376aOpen (ARCT)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Oratorio5376bLater Stages /Adult (29 & over)