Peter and Audrey Switzer Trophy Room

Voice - Lloyd J. Yorke Trophy

Donated By: Lloyd J. Yorke, Esq., London
First Presented: 1940
Criteria: Best or Most Promising Vocalist - Open Level

Lloyd J. Yorke from London, Ontario, participated in the 1929 Perth County Musical Festival as a tenor soloist. He returned to this Festival again from 1932 through 1939, competing in the tenor solo, male duet, mixed duet and Oratorio solo classes. In 1939, he won the McLagan Rose Bowl for the top vocalist, amateur or professional.

In 1935 his wife, Mrs. L.J. Yorke, who entered in the contralto solo class, joined him at the Festival. It became a family affair when their son, Philip A. Yorke, sang with his father in the male duet class at the 1936 Festival. In 1940, Lloyd J. Yorke donated the Lloyd J. Yorke Trophy for the best Church soloist.

This trophy has been reassigned to the Open vocal classes.


2023Shayanne de Boer

Eligible Classes

Voice - ClassicalProvincial Qualifying5388Open
Voice - ClassicalSolo - By Level - Female5231Level Open
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Canadian Song5257Open (ARCT)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Church5269Open (ARCT)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - English Song5281Open (ARCT)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - French Song5293Open (ARCT)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - German (Lied) Song5305aOpen (ARCT)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Gospel or Spiritual5316Open (ARCT)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Humorous Song5328Open (ARCT)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Italian Song5340Open (ARCT)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Light Opera or Operetta5352Open (ARCT)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Oratorio5376aOpen (ARCT)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Recital5395aOpen (ARCT)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Spanish Song5409Open (ARCT)
Voice - ClassicalSolo - Traditional Folk Song5420bOpen / Advanced ARCT for 2+ years