Special Offerings for Spring Break!

Expressive Cartoon Faces Made Easy
Wed April 14, 11am
Learn how to create cartoon faces with variety of expressions: happy, wacky, scary, sad, and so many more! Create comical and interesting characters by exaggerating face shapes and features using the power of shape and line. Following step-by-step you will use a simple formula to plot the features on the face and then explore the many ways to make your characters unique.
Materials needed: pencil and pencil sharpener, drawing eraser, fine marker or ink pen, sketch pad

** Suitable for all ages
payable by e-transfer or cheque


or 519-273-3011 to register

Led by artist and teacher Mary Anne Dente

Observational Drawing
Wed April 14, 2pm
“The more you look, the more you’ll start to see things differently.” Selwyn Leamy
We’ll explore some gesture and contour drawing techniques using pencil and charcoal.
We’ll also explore some ways to create depth in your drawing using value contrast and shading.
Practicing these simple techniques will make your drawings stronger, fresher and more interesting.
Suggested materials: 2B-5B drawing pencil, pencil sharpener, large sketch pad, charcoal stick, pen if you wish.
Have on hand a few items that are interesting or meaningful for you to draw such as: a plant with interesting leaves, flowers, apples, pears, shoes, teapot, teddy bear: simple shapes.

** Ages 12 & up
payable by e-transfer or cheque


or 519-273-3011 to register

Praised for her “stunningly beautiful pianism” (Grace Welsh Prize, Chicago), “beautiful tone and sensitivity” (American Record Guide), and for performing “with such brilliant clarity it took your breath away” (Chapala, Mexico), Angela Park is also assistant professor of Piano at Western U and looking forward to working with our festival's emerging artists. Angela Park Pianist ** Suitable for all ages
Multi-faceted musician David Warrack has an extensive catalogue of compositions but is best recognized for his huge volume of work for the theatre and gift for orchestration, all seasoned with an irrepressible sense of humour. He looks forward to holding a "How to Write a Song" session with interested composers! Home | David Warrack ** Suitable for teens & up
Boko Suzuki is a music director, composer, and arranger formerly based in Toronto and New York and now in Colorado. He has music directed many big-name productions, including Rent in both its national tours and on Broadway, Wicked in its first and second national tours and in San Francisco, and new works such as the world premiere of A Room With a View at the Old Globe. Most recently, he launched his own business in Denver, Colorado with a specialty in injury/pain management for musicians. He'll explore neuromechanic-based technique improvement for advanced musicians. About — Suzuki Exercise Therapy ** Suitable for advanced musicians
COACHING Supporting emerging artists of all ages

This new program provides non-competitive private assessment on single works submitted in a variety of categories, on an ongoing (year-round) basis.  Artists can record a performance of their choice or scan/photograph a visual work of their choice, and submit it via a link for professional feedback. Thanks to benefactor David Beattie, Kiwanis Festival is offering recording and uploading services free of charge at Avondale Church once a month.   Avondale Church requests that singers wear singers’ masks, which Kiwanis Festival is happy to provide for participants. Please email us to request a recording.   RECORDING SERVICES CURRENTLY SUSPENDED DUE TO ONTARIO LOCKDOWN.

There is no charge to opening an account on AuditionWare.  Teachers, parents/guardians, or participants of legal age can just follow the 5 steps outlined in
How to Register for AuditionWare

Once you have your account, register for Coaching Creativity as outlined in
How to Register for Coaching Creativity

Entrants in these classes will receive critique and feedback only; no marks will be awarded; entries do not qualify for provincial festival

Performance submissions will be evaluated as:

  • Gold = polished
  • Silver = good but some adjustments suggested
  • Bronze = “you’re on the right track, keep working”

Visual art submissions will be evaluated as:
(A critique is a strategy used to describe, analyze, and interpret works of art. Usually consists of four parts:  Description, analysis, interpretation, judgement.)
Artist to provide the description; adjudicator to provide analysis, interpretation, judgment

  • 1 attachment per entry:
    For music, solo performance only until public health directives change(with accompaniment where applicable; live accompaniment only with a family member or someone who lives in your residence; otherwise, please use pre-recorded accompaniments)For visual art, one drawing or painting
  • For all categories, material is participant’s choice
  • Adjudicator feedback will be provided within 2 weeks
  • For performance, memorization is optional but strongly encouraged
  • Criteria for submitting repertoire:
    • One recording or one work
    • Performance must be recorded without cuts or editing as though it were live

    Tips for recording your performance:

    • Professional recordings are not required. Most smart phone recordings are adequate
    • Record the performance so that it shows a good angle of the position of your face/profile, body and hands
    • Use landscape mode (hold the screen horizontally)
    • To get the best possible video quality, your device should be stationary and there must be sufficient lighting
    • Shoot a test before making your final recording: play a few ff and pp notes to determine the best mic placement
    • Your recordings will be large files. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL RECORDINGS. Upload your recording to YouTube as an unlisted video and NOT FOR KIDS. A tutorial on this quick and easy process can be found here: Uploading to YouTube
      Private YouTube links will not be accepted.  We strongly suggest that you make sure the comments are turned off on your YouTube page
    • After uploading, a private link will be created. The video is not public, and only those with the link can view the video. Copy and paste this link into the registration form at
    • A digital copy of the sheet music must be provided for the adjudicator. This can be done by taking a photo of each page with a smartphone or using a scanner. If you have any trouble creating a digital copy, please contact
    • When ready, register at with the YouTube video link/URL and digital sheet music.


    • What to submit:
    • 2D submissions: cropped, good quality at least 72Dpi, can be 1Mb or smaller.
    • 3D submissions: two or three views of the piece
    • The artist should provide:
    • Name
    • Age: adult, teen, 9-12, 5-8
    •  For Adults: rate your experience: beginner, intermediate, advanced
    • Description of the Work:
    • Title: (optional)
    • Medium and dimensions
    • A few words about the piece: e.g., your intent in creating it, your inspiration. Is it part of a series or just a single piece on this theme? Is it an experiment, something you have been thinking of for a while?
    DISCIPLINE [solo only due to COVID]ASSESSORS
    Band instruments (brass, wind, percussion)Sharon Fitzsimmins
    Composition, orchestrationDavid Warrack
    Film (short films)TBA
    GuitarDaniel Ramjattan
    HarpAlyssa Michalsky
    PianoDaisy Leung, Petya Stavreva, Boko Suzuki,
     Todd Yaniw
    Speech & dramaLiza Balkan, Chick Reid
    StringsMegan Jones
    Voice – classicalBrett Polegato, Todd Wieczorek
    Voice – musical theatreThom Allison, Sara-Jeanne Hosie
    Voice – pop / jazz

    Shannon McCracken

    Visual artsMary Anne Dente
    Junior$9Per work  (at level grades 1-5)
    Intermediate$12Per work  (at level grades 6-9)
    Senior$15Per work  (at level grade 10 and up)
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