We couldn’t do it without them!

These Executive Committee volunteers give generously of their time throughout the year to help organize the Festival and raise funds to support it. Members of the Kiwanis Club of Festival City and the Kiwanis Club of Stratford also lend a hand during the Festival.

Committee Chair Brian Reid*
Executive Director Janis J.H. Auster*
Treasurer, Website Ken Thompson*
Secretary, Benefit Hélène Crabb
Fundraising Nora McDonald
Cool Stuff Debbie Napiwotzki
Assistant Volunteers Deb Mountain
Public Relations, Benefit John Crabb
Graphics Assistance Brenda Martin
Venues Terry Fowler
Admissions, Ad Sales Ron Fischer
Ad Sales Ron Fischer
Trophies Peter Switzer
Equipment Michele Boniface
Terry Marklevitz
David MacLennon
*Officers of the Festival Charitable Trust